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RYE Charter Delivery to Iceland Associates

In September the RYE partnership travelled to Reykjavik, Iceland where the RYE partners took the opportunity to meet with two of the Icelandic Associate partners, Innovation Center Iceland and KVEiKJA.

Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson, is the leader of the Innovation Center in Reykjavik which is Iceland's national body for entrepreneurship training, they are among other things running enterprise incubation centres all over Iceland. Eyjólfur was delighted to hear about the progress of the project and is looking forward to gaining access to the RYE online resources, materials and networks.

KVEiKJA is a non-profit organisation working to spread the idea of social entrepreneurship in Iceland. Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan the initiator of this project is excited to be an associate of RYE, whereby they have access to a range of online resources and materials which will support their work within KVEiKJA.

The Iceland RYE Associates were presented with a framed copy of the RYE Charter which is symbolic of the shared passion among all RYE partners, associates and investors to promote innovative thinking that inspires young people to create unique business opportunities, across Northern Europe and the Arctic.

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