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The Great Escape

"Mitäpä se hyvejää" is common way of thinking in the Kainuu region of Finland. Basically it means it is not worth the effort to try anything. However, there are four brave students in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences who decided to make a difference.

Tia Lahtinen, Olga Kemppainen, Olli Kähkönen and Sarianna Juntunen are taking part in a Startup course and have founded the Great Escape to bring something new and different to Kajaani.

The idea came up one afternoon when the students were brainstorming their ideas of what they want to do as young entrepreneurs.

The Great Escape is a real-life escape room and the main idea is to try to get out of a locked room by solving different kinds of puzzles and mysteries in groups of 2 - 6 people.

The time limit is 60 minutes. The room is meant for groups of friends and students, but also for companies who wants to offer their employees an activity to work on their team spirit. Escape rooms can be found all over the world and it has become very popular lately. Therefore, these students decided that Kajaani needs its own room.

The road has not been easy because there have been a lot of things to do and the students have had to focus on school at the same time.

But, because of the great attitude the students have and the help they have had from the school and locals, the Great Escape opened its doors in March. The people of Kainuu region are warmly supporting these young entrepreneurs and they are waiting for their turn to try out the room!

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