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Malou Media Greenland

Malou Media has been very successful making commercials, websites and animations since they started their company in Greenland.

Behind the company are brothers Mark and Martin Madsen. They both grew up in Nuuk, and moved to Denmark in 2000. They moved back to Greenland to start Malou Media in November 2014. One of the reasons they have moved back to Nuuk is that they wanted to spend more time with their grandparents.

Martin got the idea during a summer stay with his grandparents, where he worked as a paperboy, and thought that perhaps there was a market for better advertisement at a fair price. And given their interest and education in media he felt it was an opportunity for them to work together.

Mark has attended the film school ‘Rampen’ in Copenhagen, a film boarding school and one year film school. He has also attended a film director workshop and from that he got to help with producing the first Greenlandic produced film, called “Nuummioq”.

Martin attended the Media Gymnasium in Ørestad in Copenhagen. Here media was an integral part of the teachings. They made films and animations etc. “I have always loved making movies ever since I can remember,” says Martin, who as a 14-year old earned money on a YouTube page about games.

They started out with doing live commercials for two Nuuk based businesses, and a music video for the Nuuk based rock group Nanook – one of the most famous groups in Greenland at the moment. From there it expanded rapidly, with more customers and a broader variety of services on offer.

“We didn’t get paid in the beginning and stayed for free with family. This made it possible for us to buy the necessary equipment, without financial support or loans. Today we have a high-quality film camera and an excellent SLR camera for pictures. Our computers and software have also grown along with the tasks”.

“It’s gone really well, but we still watch our finances. We would rather ensure that Malou Media is here in five years than spend money on offices and cars right now”.

The brothers give the following advice to other entrepreneurs who want to start a business:

  • Avoid large fixed costs in the beginning

  • Do not spend the money you have earned, but invest in the business, for example on equipment.

  • Count on working both evening and weekend during the first year.

“Usually we are busy with our company. We want our customers to experience that we deliver the best possible quality every time – at a fair price.” Mark & Martin.

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