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Finland Innovation Café

RYE Connect's Youth Steering Group based in Kajaani, Finland organized an Innovation Café in conjunction with the RYE Connect Conference in Sisimiut, Greenland.

The event broadcast the live stream from the Conference in Greenland and hosted guest speakers who have already been successful in setting up their own business. Speakers included Avedia, a company which provides media services and is run by seven enthusiastic entrepreneurs. They joined the RYE programme in Autumn 2012 (in Kajaani, Finland) and from there started their journey. The entrepreneurs of Avedia are now living all over Finland and are actively looking for new clients, projects and experiences.

Anni Yli-Lonttinen a fly-fishing journalist and an entrepreneur. She started her own fly fishing business in 2014. In her own words, she is the eternal novice of fly fishing with over twenty years of experience. Her company, Kajana Club, offers fly fishing enthusiasts inspiration, courses, community and help with international travel planning.

Also offering inspirational tips and advice was a company called HighRoller, a new innovative way of performing foam rolling. This "foam rolling elevation" was created to make personal muscle care easier and more effective. HighRoller Finland Ltd is now looking to international markets with its patented HighRoller product. HighRoller Finland will themselves be entering the RYE Connect programme at the Growth Phase and is hopeful that with a clear Growth Plan they will be able to open the door to international partners and potential investors.

The Kajaani Youth Steering Group were very successful in attracting many potential young entrepreneurs from the region for a fun and inspiring event.

Issa a member of the Youth Steering Group said:

"This is a great way to attract potential young entrepreneurs, the guest speakers here today demonstrate that it can be done. It's all about finding the right idea and overcoming your fears".

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