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Hothouse Training

A new set of training modules designed for businesses at different stages.

Our training programme combines well known tools and methods with the newest research in entrepreneurship training methodology. These tools and methods are chosen for being practically functional to the trainers and the entrepreneurs themselves, based on decades of experience in entrepreneurship training amongst the developers.

We have sought to build an easy access to the best of training, tools and examples for the next generation of young entrepreneurs as well as connect them to investors and other important stakeholders.


Generate your idea.

Pre-start business training + online support. Takes any young person with little or no previous business knowledge through what it takes to start a business, and helps to build confidence and a winning idea.


Implement your idea.

Start phase training + online support. Helps a young person learn how to get their business idea off the ground. Business resources, profiles and fact sheets made available. Insights from experienced business people will help to avoid pitfalls.


Boost your idea.

Growth phase training + online support. Helps young entrepreneurs already running a business explore opportunities for growth. Helps taking the first steps towards upscaling and trading outside home country.


Maintain your idea.

Reboot is a supportive path for a struggling business. Promotes greater understanding of current situation and supports the young entrepreneur to plan a course of corrective action.

Access our Business Portal if you're ready to take action or contact us for further information on the Hothouse modules.

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