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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is a genuinely international university with a strong regional and national profile. An international learning environment and a developing community consisting of approximately 2000 students within five study areas and 230 experts operating in their own compact campus area located in Kajaani’s impressive natural surroundings. Within the School of Business and Innovation the focus is on identifying business opportunities and improving entrepreneurial skills in order to achieve international business potentials.

Advantage is an award-winning project design company based in Northern Ireland that has been delivering life changing, creative solutions for young people in some of the world’s most challenging environments for over twenty-five years. Advantage is a leading company specialising in economic development and entrepreneurship for young people. It works with clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and apply its expertise to promote starting a business as a realistic and viable career option to young people aged 16-30.

Greenland Business is a Government owned business development company in Greenland. The purpose of Greenland Business is to promote land-based business opportunities, entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth.
Greenland Business gives advice to entrepreneurs who want to innovate and businesses that want to grow, and maybe even start exporting. In addition, Greenland Business administers the public grants for product development and business start-ups.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS) is the northernmost University of Applied Sciences in Finland and in the European Union.

The institution offers a modern and international learning environment with good services for students. Lapland UAS has about 5500 students who graduate with versatile language skills and the capacity to meet the challenges of a changing work life and international environment. Annually there are nearly 600 international students, including international degree programme students and exchange students.

Communities Creating Jobs, a movement of ordinary people leveraging all available sources to facilitate the creation of small-scale employment opportunities in cities, towns and villages throughout Ireland. Addressing the issues of unemployment and involuntary emigration with positive and innovative actions.

Voluntary action Orkney is supporting the voluntary sector and social enterprises to build and enable resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities
Supporting the third sector in Orkney by providing advice, information and practical services. It is a part of the national voluntary action network in the UK, promoting social enterprise development, volunteering and building of a strong relationship with community planning.

Kveikja is the leading authority on social enterprise in Iceland focusing on the promotion of social entrepreneurship, raising awareness, education, research, and providing development opportunities for individuals and communities.
Kveikja is also building trans-European networks, by hosting conferences and events on social entrepreneurship.

The University of Faroe Islands, Reflects the interests of Faroese society, creating knowledge about scientific findings and methods. Research, learning and teaching are at the core of all activities, always welcoming, and open to suggestions from both authorities and private industry.

Cold Climate Innovation Yukon focuses on the development, commercialization and export of sustainable cold climate technologies and related solutions for subarctic regions around the world. 

Stimulating the economy by advancing innovative ideas through to commercialization.

Offering innovation support through funding, project design, business mentoring, prototype development, project management, business planning, marketing and patent advice.

Business Kitchen is an open meeting and learning environment meant for identifying, co-creating and seizing business opportunities and is established by Universities of Oulu. It offers space, events, networks and services to facilitate ideas and to turn them into new business.

Coompanion Sweden is an umbrella organization for the 25 regional Coompanion around Sweden. Working with opinion building and visibility of co-operatives and social economy at national level. Offering advice and services for all who want to start cooperative company.

Helping realizing business ideas, offering tailored information, counselling and training from idea to a successful entrepreneurship.

Innovation Center Iceland assists entrepreneurs in the start-up, growth and management of SMEs. It is the leading R&D and business support institute in Iceland.  

Improving the competitiveness of Icelandic businesses by building transnational networks and by enhancing innovation. Providing services, workshops and courses for SMEs and the general public and publishing books and manuals on management, marketing.  

Intotalo has provided training for thousands of entrepreneurs and key people from small businesses to internationally listed companies. They have implemented a variety of corporate training programs since 2001. All business coaches are entrepreneurs or experienced trainers who know the bottlenecks in the business of everyday life. Intotalo is a national level operator and is well-known for its inspiring and encouraging way of doing. 

Luleå University of Technology in Sweden is Scandinavia's northernmost university of technology. It has four campuses, located in Luleå, Kiruna, Skellefteå and Piteå. They are a leading university in technology which works together with the world around, to build an attractive, sustainable society. 
Research is conducted in close cooperation with multinational companies and leading international universities.

Located in the city of Tromsø, Norway, it was established in 1968, and opened in 1972. It is one of eight universities in Norway. The University of Tromsø is the largest research and educational institution in northern Norway. The University's location makes it a natural venue for the development of studies of the region's natural environment, culture, and society.

The main focus of the University's activities is on the Auroral light research, Space science, Fishery science, Biotechnology, Linguistics, Multicultural societies, Saami culture, Telemedicine, epidemiology and a wide spectrum of Arctic research projects.

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