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About RYE 

RYE Connect is a passion to promote innovative thinking that inspires young people to create unique business opportunities across Northern Europe and the Arctic.

The RYE Connect project seeks to offer an expanded Rural Youth Entrepreneurship model which supports and inspires young entrepreneurs within the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) region.
Through transnational collaboration and networking, RYE Connect develops better business opportunities, services and solutions for young entrepreneurs aged 16 to 30.

The programme aims to support young talent and encourage them to think and act innovatively helping those to set up a new business, entrepreneurs who have an existing business who wish to grow their business through export opportunities and those who are facing difficulties within their existing business who require support and guidance to turn their business around.

Programme participants can become members of a RYE Connect Entrepreneur network.  
Membership is FREE and benefits include: ​

•    Access to the RYE Connect Online Platform
•    Access to a package of workshops
•    Quarterly newsletter with inspiring case studies and Programme updates
•    Access to a network of associates and potential investors
•    Opportunity to networks within potential new markets

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